Symptoms that respond well to Medical Acupuncture

  • Back pain and Nerve pain like Sciatica
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Tension headaches
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Sports Injuries

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Acupuncture Treatment for Back Pain
Back pain and Nerve pain like Sciatica

Acupuncture uses the precise location of fine needles to relax muscles and take pressure of the spine. Your acupuncturist will use their hands to diagnose disorders of the spine, joints and muscles.

Here at Taunton Acupuncture Clinic, we offer physical therapy as well as acupuncture. Your acupuncturist will also give advice on ergonomics, exercise, and proper body mechanics to prevent back pain.

Due to our Chiropractic and Osteopathic background, we will often be able to suggest stretching and strengthening exercises. These will supplement the results that you can achieve with our treatment by teaching you to take good care of yourself between treatment sessions.

Sciatica is pain arising in the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body, running from the spinal cord down through the buttock and the back of each leg to the foot. Sciatic pain is most often caused by abnormal pressure on the nerve roots in the spinal cord.

Whilst surgery is an appropriate intervention in a small number of cases, most people prefer to avoid surgery until all other options have been explored.

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Acupuncture For Headaches
Headaches and Migraines

Tension headaches

Tension headaches, in particular, may prompt visits to your acupuncturist as these can occur from contracted and tense muscles in the neck and back.

Problems with the spine, including the neck and back areas, are often missed and don't receive examination. They can cause quite painful headaches and head pain may become chronic.

Migraines are severely painful, recurrent headaches that are sometimes accompanied by other symptoms such as visual disturbances (aura) or nausea. There are two types of migraine – migraine with aura (formerly called common migraines) and migraine without aura (formerly called classic migraines).

Acupuncture has been studied as a treatment for migraine headache for more than 20 years. While not all studies have shown benefit with acupuncture, researchers do agree that acupuncture appears safe and that it may be effective for some people.

Results from a study published in 2003 suggest that receiving regular acupuncture treatment when migraine symptoms occur is as effective as taking the drug Amitriptyline

Acupuncture for Neck Pain
Neck and Shoulder Pain

Today’s modern living often entails hours of driving and hunching over workstations, which can play havoc with our necks. So it is no surprise that neck pain is the second most common condition that we treat here at the clinic.

 Whilst neck pain is less common than low back pain, millions of people experience neck pain and related arm pain at some stage in their lives and therefore seek Acupuncture.

Neck Pain


Sports Injury


Sports Injuries
Sports Injuries

Many athletes in professional sports today sit on the sidelines with injuries that could have been prevented. Others stay on the bench because their particular injury does not respond to other standard treatments.

And even more are playing, but at less than optimal performance, simply because their musculoskeletal system is not in balance.

More and more coaches, teams, and medical doctors are realizing that pain management and medications are not the answer. Pain medication only covers up the symptoms; misleading athletes into thinking they can perform actions that could make their injury worse.

 By promoting a proactive, preventive strategy, acupuncturists help athletes decrease the likelihood of injury and maximize athletic performance.

Commonly Acupuncturists see

  • Hamstring tears and neck pain from rugby
  • Lower back pain from golf and cricket
  • Shoulder problems from tennis
  • Achilles and calf strains from running
  • Pelvic twists and sprains from horse riding
  • Knee pain from football


Why not book a pre and post-season check-up, and make sure that any underlying imbalances in muscle tone from your training aren't making you more prone to future injury?

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