Taunton Acupuncture

Taunton Acupuncture. Welcome to Taunton’s medical acupuncture centre. This branch of acupuncture is increasingly known for its safe, rapid and effective treatment of back and leg pain, neck and shoulder pain, headaches and migraine.

Our acupuncturists are registered members of the British Medical Acupuncture Society (BMAS). We specialise in pain relief, particularly in association with muscle, ligament and joint problems.

We believe in individualised treatment and respect your privacy. This is why you will always receive treatment on a one to one basis. We are based in Taunton town centre within 100 meters access from the train station. Click here for our clinic location in Taunton.

Free car parking is also available near the clinic. We are open from 8.30 am til 7.00 pm, to fit around your work commitments.


Taunton Acupuncture Staff

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